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Hi all,

I am currently taking an extended break from teaching. 
I can recommend the fab Tsuki Reiki over in Mirfield and also Earthereal of Yorkshire in Ilkley if you’re looking for Reiki courses!

All the best,

Sal x

I run Reiki courses in Huddersfield, from my home in the Colne Valley.

Come for a pre-course chat:
If you’ve never experienced Reiki, want to discuss the courses prior to booking, or just want to come for a chat first, please contact me. I feel strongly that the student chooses the teacher that is right for them, and am very happy to meet beforehand so you are 100% comfortable with studying Reiki with me.


Reiki Courses:

All Reiki courses include a complete course manual, and ongoing support at every level, even after you’ve completed the course. This means that if you have any future queries, or want to refresh your knowledge, I’m always available.

Reiki 1 allows you to practice on yourself, friends and family. Reiki 2 means you can offer Reiki treatmentsreiki courses in Huddersfield professionally, as long as you have insurance. Reiki 3 Master/Teacher means you are able to practice professionally, and also teach Reiki to others, subject to insurance and accreditation.

Many people study Reiki 2 and 3 without wanting to practice professionally, or teach. Each level allows us to learn tools to enable us to consider the world, and our selves, in a different light. Journeying deeper into the system of Reiki allows us to journey deeper into ourselves, too.

Many people find Reiki 1 is sufficient for their needs. Others find they wish to study Reiki further by undertaking the next levels. Someone who has studied Shinpiden is not ‘better’ at Reiki than someone who has studied Shoden. Each level gives you more tools, but it is up to you how you choose to use them, if at all. You will know what feels right to you.

Shoden Reiki 1: £130 
1 and a half days course

The history of Reiki and of Usui Mikao
Hands-on healing of the self and hand positions
Reiki meditations: Joshin Kokyu Ho and Seishin Toitsu
Reiki practice of Kenyoku Ho (cleansing ritual)
Teaching of complete self-practice routine
Discussion and teaching of the 5 reiki precepts and what they mean
The Japanese energetic system
Concept of hara and connecting the 3 diamonds
Hands-on healing of others and hand positions
4 Level 1 attunements
Reiju spiritual blessing
Certificate & crystal tumblestone upon satisfactory completion

Okuden Reiki 2: £185
1 day course plus one shorter follow-up session

Discussion and explanation of mantras and symbols
Practise of Joshin Kokyu Ho
Hatsurei Ho meditation sequence
Cho Ku Rei attunement, explanation and mantra. Explanation of earth energy, visualisation and chanting of jumon
Sei Hei Ki attunement, explanation and mantra. Explanation of heaven energy, visualisation and chanting of jumon
Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen attunement, explanation and mantra. Explanation of concept of oneness, visualisation and  chanting of jumon
Distant healing Enkaku Chiryo Ho explanation, discussion and practice, concept of oneness with recipient
Byosen Reikan Ho and Reiji Ho scanning methods
Basic anatomy and physiology
Business methods, client confidentiality and ethics of professional practice
Certificate & crystal tumblestone upon satisfactory completion

Shinpiden Reiki 3: £450 (Reiki Master/Teacher)
2-3 day course

Meditation on the precepts and Buddhahood. Concept of oneness
Review of information learned in Shoden and Okuden, review of level 2 mantras and symbols and their logical connection with level 3 mantra and symbol. Chanting of Jumon for symbols.
Contemplation of relationship between the precepts, mantras and symbols
Reiji spiritual blessing. Learn and practice how to perform Reiju, discuss concept of Reiju
Dai Ko Myo symbol 4 attunement, symbol and mantra.
How to perform attunements and discussion of concept of attunement
Teaching and practice of attunements
Practice Shinpiden hands-off healing
Meditations: becoming Dai, Ku meditation
Certificate & crystal tumblestone upon satisfactory completion

Reiki Refreshers: £15/hr

Perfect if you have learned Reiki a long time ago and are unsure about returning to your practice, or want to go over a particular aspect of Reiki practice without booking another course.

Please contact me with your ideas/requirements and we can work out how many hours will be suitable!

Possible Suggestions:
      Re-learning and discussion of the Precepts
      Practice of hands-on healing
      Meditation Practice
      Advice on setting up a Reiki business…

…or whatever reiki-related conundrum you can think of!

N.B. I teach Japanese-style Reiki, so I won’t be able to help with particular aspects of different styles, sorry! If you’re unsure what style you have learnt previously, or are wondering if a refresher would help, get in touch and we can have a chat to see if it would be helpful.

Interested in booking a course, refresher or coming for a pre-course chat? Contact me here!

Course prices are subject to change


Japanese Reiki Courses in the Colne Valley, Huddersfield

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